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Over 300,000 copies sold from bookstores and bookfairs across the country!

“Beautiful, moving and humorous, this book will be cherished by anyone who reads it.” – The Los Angeles Times

“Blume is a writer to watch.” – Publishers Weekly

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Introducing Miss Cornelia S. Englehart. This is what you need to know about her:

Cornelia-speak: Cornelia S. Englehart, age eleven, is an expert at parisology. You would be too, if hoards of multiliquous people subjected you to bavardage each and every day.

Translation: Cornelia S. Englehart knows a lot of long, complicated words that no one else knows. It is her secret weapon. In fact, it is her only defense against all of the people who pester her with chatter and nosy questions each and every day.

Cornelia-speak: Both of Cornelia’s parents are musical luminaries of the highest caliber, who are constantly lavished with adulation.

Translation: Cornelia’s parents are world-famous concert pianists, and everyone wants to know them. But even Cornelia has never met her father, who lives far away in Europe and seems to have forgotten that he even has a daughter. Cornelia and her mother, Lucy, live in a vast white apartment in New York City that could easily be mistaken for a museum.

Cornelia-speak: Her parent’s legacy should be exhilarating, but instead it leaves Cornelia forlorn and estranged.

Translation: Having such famous parents should feel fabulous, but Cornelia is terribly lonely. She surrounds herself with dictionaries and long, complicated words to isolate herself from the outside world.

That is, until a glamorous writer named Virginia Somerset moves in next door, along with her servant Patel, French bulldog Mister Kinyatta, and an endless supply of wonderful tales of her audacious escapades. Suddenly Cornelia discovers that the world is a much more exciting place than she had originally thought.

Join Cornelia as she meets a cast of unforgettable characters—from the ghost of King Arthur to Pablo Picasso to Virginia’s three winsome and irrepressible sisters.

With deliciously imaginative storytelling that takes you around the world and back again, Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters is a magical story of friendship and adventure that you won’t soon forget.

* * *

Press play to visit Cornelia’s world in New York City, in this delightful trailer created by Scholastic Bookfairs: