Dr Wiggins Landing Page

In the pages of these thought-to-be-lost diaries, Dr. Wendell Wellington Wiggins, the greatest paleozoologist of all time, reveals the secrets of the ancient animal and plant world–a world before human beings; a world before dinosaurs; a world that, until now, existed well beyond the outer reaches of our imaginations.

Oddities such as the deadly Amazonian Whispering Vine (Vitus Sussurus), the curious tribe of Brittle Bones (Futilis Ossis), a rather gaseous northern-lights creature (Animato Inflatio ab Aqulonius), and a mysterious and indispensable pet named Gibear (Chiropetra Vicugna Pacosis) live again in Dr. Wiggins’s vivid and captivating sketches.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that Dr. Wiggins’s journals have surfaced now, in a time predicted by scientists and religions all over the world to be the beginning of the next mass extinction. Can we learn from the mistakes of those who came before us and avoid such a fate?


 An undated photograph of Dr. Wendell Wellington Wiggins with his sidekick, Gibear

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* * *
“A glorious unveiling of the long-hidden and very weird ‘history’ of life on Earth.”
– Publisher’s Weekly
*   *   *
“The journals are a fascinating mixture of whimsy and reality…
An amusing science fantasy with some subtle but incisive commentary on modern civilization.”
- School Library Journal
*   *   *
“This is an enjoyable tongue-in-cheek comparison between our world’s current human, environmental,
and ecological conditions with a time before man—and before nagging mothers.”
- Booklist

* * *
“[Dr. Wiggins’] discoveries should, as he hopes, ‘enlighten, amuse, appall, and guide’
young fans of the biosphere’s imaginary reaches.”
– Kirkus Reviews