About the Book

Let’s Bring Back has been featured by Vanity Fair, Oprah, The New Yorker, Good Morning America, CNN, Elle, W, The Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, Country Living, Glamour, Bazaar & Voice of America, among many other venerable media concerns.

Inspired by Ms. Blume’s popular, longstanding Huffington Post column by the same name, Chronicle Books released Let’s Bring Back as a book on November 1, 2010.

A sophisticated, stylish cultural encyclopedia of nostalgia, Let’s Bring Back celebrates hundreds of forgotten-yet-delightful objects, curiosities, pastimes, fashions, words, landmarks, and personalities from bygone eras.

Let’s Bring Back transports its readers from the golden age of Hollywood to the bacchanals of ancient Rome to the elaborately-coiffed and martini-filled New York City of the 1960s. This is a world of monocles and parasols; luxurious train travel and gilded airline cabins; decadent feasts, pet cheetahs, and zeppelins.

In the pages of Let’s Bring Back, you’ll rediscover the merits of many things, such as:

image* Sealing wax, quill pens, and telegrams …
* The old Orient Express and the grand Palm Beach sleeper …
* Fainting couches, quizzing glasses, and zinc bars …
* Top hats, liveried footmen, and the devilish French caricaturist “Sem” …
* The barbed wit and deliciously vile bon mots of Algonquin Round Table legends Dorothy Parker, Alexander Woollcott, and Tallulah Bankhead …
* The unapologetically eccentric styles of fashion icons Diana Vreeland, Isabella Blow, and the Marchesa Casasti …
* Delectable ambrosia, Tipsy Parson, and star-gazey pie …

… and much more.

Written mostly by airily-opinionated style writer Lesley M. M. Blume, Let’s Bring Back also features whimsical full-plate illustrations by artist Grady McFerrin and guest contributions from some of America’s most celebrated cultural figures, including:

* Fashion designer Kate Spade
* Writer and director Nora Ephron
* Filmmaker James L. Brooks
* Media scion Arianna Huffington
* Veteran journalist Ted Koppel
* Chef Daniel Boulud
* Interior designer Jonathan Adler
* Etiquette expert Letitia Baldrige
* Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant

. . . as well as other brilliant luminaries from a vast array of fields.

You can purchase Let’s Bring Back here from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, or Books a Million, or simply look for it at your local bookstore.


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