Blume discusses her upcoming book – “FALLOUT” (Simon & Schuster, 2020) — on PBS Newshour’s “That Moment When”

July 9, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 1.21.17 PMIn this segment of “That Moment When” – a broadcast jointly produced by PBS Newshour and Facebook Watch – Lesley Blume tells anchor Steve Goldbloom about her upcoming book, Fallout.  

Fallout documents one journalist’s quest to expose the ghastly realities of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan at the end of World War II.


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Blume to Appear at the International Hemingway Conference (Paris)

May 30, 2018
Ms. Hemingway and Ms. Blume, Paris, 2016. Photo by Maria Ziegelböck for Town & Country magazine.

On July 23, in Paris, France, Ms. Blume will appear at the XVIII International Hemingway Conference, hosted by The American University of Paris.

Between 10 AM and 1 PM, Ms. Blume will give a presentation with Valerie Hemingway at the PEN/Hemingway fundraiser inside the Salon Gustave Eiffel of the Eiffel Tower.  Ms. Hemingway was Ernest Hemingway’s assistant in the late 1950s and accompanied the Nobel Prize-winning author in 1959 as he toured his old haunts from 1920s Paris, reliving that chapter of his life and fact-checking his manuscript for A Moveable Feast. 

Ms. Blume wrote a Town & Country cover story recounting Ms. Hemingway’s experience, and the two women retraced the 1959 Paris odyssey throughout Paris.  On July 23, they will recount highlights from their trip and Ms. Hemingway’s recollections of Hemingway during the final years of his life.

Click here to become a member of the Hemingway Society, and to register for the event.

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Blume to appear at United State of Women Summit (L.A.)

May 3, 2018

On Sunday, May 6, Ms. Blume will appear on a panel alongside actor Gillian Jacobs (Love, Girls) and film historian Cari Beauchamp (Without Lying Down: Frances Marion and the Power of Women in Hollywood) at the United State of Women Summit in Los Angeles.

The panelists will discuss pioneering female filmmakers, writers, and actors from Hollywood’s earliest years, and how these women served as instructive forerunners for women forging their way in the industry today.

UTA agent and partner Shani Rosenzweig will moderate.

Click here for details, and to sign up and attend.

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November 19, 2017

As announced in Publisher Weekly this week, my next non-fiction book project is underway. A WWII-era newsroom story, FALLOUT (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2020) will recount how an intrepid reporter helped expose one of the great cover-ups of the 20th century: the true effects of the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

This topic is a homecoming of sorts for me, as I wrote my graduate thesis on the evolution of American war reporting; this particular story, however, is among the most harrowing and engrossing I’ve encountered – and also serves as evidence that an excellent piece of journalism truly can change the world.

I am thrilled and honored to be working on this project with my Houghton Mifflin Harcourt editor, Eamon Dolan, who oversaw my Hemingway book, EVERYBODY BEHAVES BADLY, and has already done so much to forward my thinking on this daunting new undertaking.

The project is represented by literary agents Molly Friedrich and Lucy Carson of the Friedrich agency, and Keya Khayatian at United Talent Agency.


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Blume to appear at Santa Barbara Writers Conference

June 1, 2017

On Wednesday, June 21, 2017, at 8 P.M., Ms. Blume will give a keynote speech at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference.  She will discuss the evolution of Ernest Hemingway’s writing process, his rise to literary fame, and his relevance to writers today.

She will sign books immediately afterward.

The Santa Barbara Writers Conference was founded in in 1972 by writer and artist Barnaby Conrad, who also distinguished himself as a prominent American matador known as El Niño de California.  He briefly crossed paths with Hemingway, who apparently became that irritated Conrad’s bestselling novel Matador was infringing on Hemingway’s literary turf.

Conrad fought alongside legendary matador Juan Belmonte, who appeared under his own name in Hemingway’s debut novel, The Sun Also Rises – which Ms. Blume documented in her recent release Everybody Behaves Badly: The True Story Behind Hemingway’s Masterpiece The Sun Also Rises (HMH, 2016).  She interviewed Conrad for her book and was the last journalist to sit speak with him before his death in 2013; she later wrote an in-memoriam piece in his honor for The Paris Review.

Learn more about Conrad here, and click here for more information about the 2017 conference.

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Today: Everybody Behaves Badly RELEASED in Paperback

May 16, 2017

A New York Times Best Seller

A Washington Post Notable Book of 2016

A Book Reporter Favorite Book of 2016

 A Google Play Favorite Book of 2016

Out today at book retailers everywhere: the paperback edition of Everybody Behaves Badly: The True Story Behind Hemingway’s Masterpiece The Sun Also Rises. It is the first book to tell the full story behind Hemingway’s earliest published novel and how it propelled him to enduring international fame.  This myth-breaking account portrays the fascinating figures of Hemingway’s world in their own words, and brings 1920s Paris, Pamplona, and New York City alive in a rich and unprecedented way.

Reviewers have lauded Everybody Behaves Badly as “essential … a page-turner,” “magnificently reported,” “fiendishly readable,” “riveting,” and “the best book on Hemingway in Paris since A Moveable Feast.”  The book became New York Times best seller shortly after its publication, and has sold foreign editions around the world.  It has also been optioned for development as a television series.

Ms. Blume culled countless letters, interviews, essays, long-out-of-print memoirs, archives, and interviewed dozens of descendants of the characters’ prototypes and the historical icons who played a vital role in bringing The Sun Also Rises to life — including family members and friends of Hemingway, Jazz Age oracle F. Scott Fitzgerald, redoubtable editor Maxwell Perkins, humorist Donald Ogden Stewart, and many others.  She shows how The Sun Also Rises not only immediately defined a generation, but colored the lives of the book’s unwitting prototypes forever.

The book also explores how Hemingway carefully, relentlessly built his own public persona during this period, which has arguably remained one of America’s most successful cultural exports.  At heart, Everybody Behaves Badly is the story of how Hemingway became Hemingway.

Read more about about Everybody Behaves Badly here — now available in hardcover, paperback, audio book, and e-book formats at bookstores and via online retailers everywhere.

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The Washington Post Selects ‘Everybody Behaves Badly’ as a 2016 Notable Book

November 17, 2016

The Washington Post has designated Ms. Blume’s new book, Everybody Behaves Badly: The True Story Behind Hemingway’s Masterpiece The Sun Also Rises – a Notable Nonfiction Book for 2016.

In its review of Everybody Behaves Badly, the Post called the book “fiendishly readable” and “a deeply, almost obsessively researched biography of a book, supported by a set of superb endnotes worth reading in their own right.”

Everybody Behaves Badly documents the real-life people and events that inspired Hemingway’s debut novel, and is, at heart, the story of how Hemingway became Hemingway.

Read the Washington Post‘s full list of Notable Nonfiction Books here.

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Upcoming BOSTON Event: Blume to Discuss ‘Everybody Behaves Badly’ at JFK Library & Museum

October 11, 2016

At 6 PM on October 20, 2016, Ms. Blume will discuss her recently-released New York Times bestseller Everybody Behaves Badly: The True Story Behind Hemingway’s Masterpiece The Sun Also Rises, with Susan Beegel, former editor in chief of The Hemingway Review, at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

The conversation will take place on the eve of the 90th anniversary of the debut of The Sun Also Rises, first released on October 22, 1926.

JFK is home to the formidable Ernest Hemingway Collection, the most comprehensive Hemingway archive in existence.  Read about the history of the collection here.

The Collection is currently hosting a special exhibition, Ernest Hemingway – Between Two Wars, which overlaps with the period covered in Ms. Blume’s book.

Click here to register for the free event.

Event location: John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Columbia Point, Boston MA 02125

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Upcoming WASHINGTON, DC Event: Blume to Discuss ‘Everybody Behaves Badly’ with ABC News Correspondent John Donvan at Politics & Prose

July 23, 2016

At 5 PM on July 31, 2016, Ms. Blume will discuss her just-released New York Times bestseller Everybody Behaves Badly: The True Story Behind Hemingway’s Masterpiece The Sun Also Rises, with award-winning journalist and author John Donvan at Politics & Prose bookstore in Dupont Circle.

Blume and Donvan — former colleagues from ABC News Nightline with Ted Koppel — will talk about Hemingway’s genesis from reporter to his generation’s preeminent prose writer. They will also discuss Blume’s own journalistic approach when researching and writing Everybody Behaves Badly.

Blume will sign books afterwards.

Event location: 5015 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC 20008

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‘Everybody Behaves Badly’ Debuts on New York Times Best seller List

July 14, 2016

Ms. Blume’s new book, Everybody Behaves Badly: The True Story Behind Hemingway’s Masterpiece The Sun Also Rises, has debuted on The New York Times‘ best seller list, landing at no. 8 on its roster of best-selling culture books for July.

Released on June 7 by Eamon Dolan Books / Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Everybody Behaves Badly documents the real-life events that inspired Hemingway’s first novel, The Sun Also Rises.  At heart, it is the story of how Hemingway became Hemingway.

Lauded by critics, the book has been called “fiendishly readable” (The Washington Post), “an essential book” (Minneapolis Star Tribune), “addictive” (James Wolcott, Vanity Fair), and even the “best book on Hemingway in Paris since A Moveable Feast” (Charles Scribner III).

It is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at independent booksellers everywhere.

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