Winning Streak

Sunset Boulevard has long been synonymous with spectacle; now the street is getting spectacle with conscience. On February 27 – just in time for the Oscars – London-born artist Zoe Buckman will unveil her feminist installation Champ, a rotating 43-foot sculpture featuring a white neon uterus with boxing gloves instead of ovaries.

The site choice was highly intentional, says Buckman: “The visual landscape on Sunset is saturated with billboard images of women; it made sense to juxtapose [Champ] against the sexual objectification portrayed there.”

Champ was conceived before #MeToo rocked Hollywood, but the movement has certainly made the work more significant. Buckman and the Art Production Fund, which secured funding for the project, found a willing partner in the City of West Hollywood, and throughout 2018, the Fund will host public programs and discussions inspired by Champ.

“It represents many things that deserve protection,” says Buckman. “I’m really excited about taking it beyond an object, and making it into an opportunity for social engagement.”

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