Lesley M. M. Blume

March 10, 2015
OUT TODAY: Ms. Blume’s new novel for children, JULIA AND THE ART OF PRACTICAL TRAVEL

February 25, 2014
NEW COLUMN: Ms. Blume launches MOMENT IN TIME, celebrating historical beauty in Hollywood

May 17, 2013
Ms. Blume wins prestigious award for her VANITY FAIR cover story about Jackson Pollock

April 1, 2013

March 8, 2013
NEW BOOK DEAL: Ms. Blume to pen a biography documenting Hemingway’s early Paris years

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Lesley M. M. Blume is an author, journalist, and cultural observer based in New York City. She has traveled the world and lived elsewhere but New York always calls her back. The daughter of a classical pianist and a journalist, she followed her father’s footsteps first to his alma mater and then into the newsroom. Since then, she has written for many world-renowned publications, contemplating topics as diverse as the implosion of the traditional media, the effectiveness of missile shield technology, and a pair of Surrealist Marc Jacobs shoes.

A noted nostalgist, Ms. Blume recently published a cultural encyclopedia celebrating the forgotten accoutrements of bygone eras. Among these lost pleasures: top hats for gentlemen, parasols for ladies, and a cultivated air of mystery upheld by both sexes. In her opinion, it would be nice to bring back Astor-style midnight suppers, cuckoo clocks, Groucho Marx, and whoopie cushions as well.

For the amusement of children, Ms. Blume has authored three novels and two collections of short stories. Extraordinary things happen to the characters in these books. Nine times out of ten, they are whisked off to fantastical realms. Sometimes they return and sometimes they do not.

Sadly, most of Ms. Blume’s heroes and heroines are dead or fictional. They include but are not restricted to: Diana Vreeland, Marlene Dietrich, Isak Dinesen, Katharine Graham, Zero Mostel, Royal Tenenbaum, the Marchesa Casati, Oscar Wilde, Elsa Schiaparelli, Anthony Blanche, Flora Post, Theodore Roosevelt, Lee Miller, Edith Wharton, and Collette. Learn more after the leap.

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Photograph of Ms. Blume taken by Dan King for Elle magazine, October 2009 issue. Header illustration used with permission from the Erte Estate. Copyright © Sevenarts Ltd.